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This award-winning outdoor humor writer has been featured in Oklahoma Today, Farm and Ranch Living, Outdoor Oklahoma, and Boating World.  He was recently published in the 2017 Paddling Buyers Guide, and is frequently found in the back of Kayak Angler.

His humorous piece, "Fishy Relationships" won
a 2015 Outdoor Writers' Association of America EIC Award. In 2016 he won two 2016 EIC Awards for his web content for www.takemefishing.org.  And in this year's competition, he won three 2017 EIC Awards (in magazine, blog, and photography categories.)

Since 2011, he has been sharing weekly tips, observations, and stories as a contract blogger for
Take Me Fishing.org, first place in a list of the top 30 fishing blogs.

This week's post (August 02, 2017):
"Ocean Kayak Fishing"


Best Time to Fish for Steelhead

Interview by www.docktalk365.com

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“I'm going to leave the field of outdoor humor writing to you. I'm sure it will be in good hands.”
Patrick McManus, author of many books including his latest, THE HORSE IN MY GARAGE

"The great thing about Andy Whitcomb is he sees things about fishing we tend to overlook- his "outside of the box" style is what makes him so special as a writer. True breath of fresh air!!!!"
Mark Zona, TV Personality, Host of “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.”

"Andy Whitcomb has a clever way of looking at seemingly mundane subjects and giving them an interesting spin. His talents as a storyteller have made him one of my favorite writers. I eagerly anticipate every funny and heart-warming tale."
Keith “Catfish” Sutton, author of several books including “The Crappie Fishing Handbook” and “Out There Fishing”)

“Andy Whitcomb knows the three Fs: fishing, family, and fun. His columns for Oklahoma Today combined all three in ways that made us, and our readers, smile every time.”
Steffie Corcoran, Editor, Oklahoma Today Magazine

"I think you are probably the best columnist we've had. And definitely the most funny."
 Megan Rossman, Associate Editor, Oklahoma Today Magazine

"Absolutely a new and different point of view and perspective. Your style of writing reminds me a lot of Bill Bryson."
Eric Engbretson, Underwater Photographer


                             Columnist in award-winning 2011 Oklahoma Today: http://www.oklahomatoday.com



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"Quickfire Interview" with the Outdoor Blogger Network


Photo by James Overstreet at the 2010 Classic media day

Perhaps is signature piece, "Bass Thumb, the Finer Points" in 2007 Outdoor Oklahoma


His interview by Chase Rheam of the Stillwater NewsPress:

Interviewing anglers at the 2010 Bassmaster Classic, behind Skeet Reese at the end of this commercial:


Recognized as an influential outdoor writer, he was invited to speak on story-telling at 100th meeting of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

April 4, 2012, presented "The Caste System" to a graduate fisheries class at Oklahoma State University about his perspective of fishing method evolution.

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"Feel my skills, donkey, donkey, donkey, donkey."

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With Brandon Palaniuk at 2013 Bassmaster Classic.
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photo by Dean Andrews


"Is my wallet missing?"

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Opening Day of trout in PA. Released after photo. 

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